As this scope is still somewhat new to me, I am still learning how to get all of the bits attached. My main imaging camera is Orion’s StarShoot Pro v2.0. The removable nosepiece gives a pretty simple t-thread mount and it’s pretty short, so generally I try to bring things to this camera without the nosepiece when possible.

Televue generously puts up a large collection of imaging adapters for the NP101is (and 127is) scopes at The Orion camera qualifies as an “APS sized DSLR” and their stack suggests about 5 different adapters to get everything properly spaced out. This gives a 2.4″ diameter to the drawtube which is pretty nice — except that you quickly squish it down to the tiny size of the StarShoot Pro.

I found the T thread adapter from the 2.4″ format didn’t fit the barrel on the StarShoot very well. It threaded, but was not very snug. In addition, it seemed that the whole 2.4″ diameter thing was really causing a lot of problems since many of the adapters I have are in the 1.25″ or 2″ format from the other scope, a CPC 1100.

Televue provides a simple adapter which takes you from the 2.4″ format down to the 2″ format. This was all fine and dandy except that I didnt have the extension space I needed to reach focus on my camera. As it turns out you can buy 2″ length or 3.5″ length extension tubes in the 2″ diameter which easily can be attached. This also lets you put a 2″ diameter barlow in place (the 2x BIG barlow or the 4x Powermate in my case). It’s also a lot simpler than buying a bunch of short 1″ or less adapters and screwing them all together.

Conclusion: If you’re not really adopting the 2.4″ format, skip the Adapter Stacks and simply get the 2″ length 2″ diameter extender tube and go from there. Using the nosepiece threaded to the StarShoot Pro, you can easily connect the camera and fasten it securely without too much pain.

In the photo below, from left to right, we see:

  • 2.4″ diameter extension tubes per ‘Stack A’ in the Televue documentation
  • 2″ diameter 2″ length extension tube
  • (foreground) 2.4″ diameter to 2″ diameter insert for the back of the NP101is (comes with the scope)
  • 2″ diameter 3.5″ length extension tube
  • Orion StarShoot Pro nosepiece extender.
Comparison of extenders

2.4" diameter barrel and 2" diameter extenders

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