I was pleased with the M16 and M17′s from last week and this weekend I decided to take them down to FedEx/Kinko’s to print them out to be framed. Having never done this before, I was pleased to find that the 6Mpx images would be more than enough resolution to have them blown up to 22×28 size. Clearly there’s something I don’t understand since they said it’d be printed at 300 dpi. If each “dot per inch” were the same as a pixel, that’d be 55Mpx (22*300 * 28*300). But anyway they turned out quite nice.

Printed M16, M17 at 22x28

I did print a few at 8.5×11″ on glossy cheapo paper on an HP InkJet and they turned out fairly well, but the kinko’s photo paper really makes them stand out.

Cost wise it wasn’t cheap. Each picture came out around $50 to print and then the frames (from Aaron Brothers) ran another $40. I figure I can probably find a much cheaper paper to print on that will look relatively nice for next time — this was nearly $12/sqft!

Either way, the plan is to bring them to the office to add a bit of color… or darkness with stars. :)

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