Countless hoards of children and parents alike stream through my neighborhood each Halloween. I love that it’s still alive here; from talking to others it seems like it is a dying holiday. And so, blessed with “clearer than usual” skies for this time of the year, a last minute thought popped into my mind: Why not try some astronomy outreach from the driveway?

The crescent moon offered a nice crater pocked terrain for the casual child glance and Jupiter came up a few hours later. Neither were in great positions, but it was hard to tell whether or not the kids were happier with their candy or the far out sights. And no, I wasn’t giving out Milky-Way or Mars bars. Sadly, I didn’t see anyone dressed as an alien, but they sometimes looked at me as if I were! What a fun way to share the hobby, eh?

Halloween Outreach

Strange creatures looking at the moon

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