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M33 is Back!


Well it’s been a pretty good August for imaging. While most of the world seems focused on M101 supernovae or Comet Garradd, I went after a slightly different target: M33. I’ve imaged M33 on several occasions with different equipment so I thought I would continue to add to the collection — it’s been almost a year since the last images were taken.

While M33 is very diffuse, it’s also very large. So large that to grab all of it’s spiral nuggets would require a low magnification or a giant More >

Mirfak in NP101is Prime Focus and 1.5x Extender

Televue 1.5x Imaging Extender


New toys! Always fun! After the 2x Barlow, 4x Powermate Test, I thought I would branch out a little with the 1.5x extender (for NPis scopes only!!)

Mirfak in NP101is Prime Focus and 1.5x Extender

The first thing that I noticed was that this thing is huge. It is almost as long as my Stellarvue 10x60mm Finderscope and a healthy slug wider diameter. Indeed – this monster fits into my NP101is with no special adapters needed as it’s built on the NPis 2.4 inch diameter specification. Since I use More >

M82, The Cigar Galaxy

M82, M33 – AltAz Imaging at f/10!


The past few nights here in Woodinville have been really quite nice. And I’m not just saying that because our week of summer is going to end soon, but rather the air has been clean, calm, warm, and most important: dark. Very dark. Now, it’s really quite odd that some of the best times to do astronomy here you get the fewest number of hours to do it — it’s not “dark enough” until around 11pm, and there is an eerie brightness that begins to creep up to the east around 3.30am. But that’s still More >

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