AltAz Imaging Project

Messier 13 comparison

Working under difficult skies!


Last night was the first night where stars were generally visible here for the first time in a LONG time – since about May 13th… Ouch! Overall seeing conditions were generally poor, but I thought I’d go out and see what I could do. On top of the generally poor seeing conditions the sky offered atmospherically, a big, bright full disc moon complicated matters more. However, I thought I’d get out there and take advantage of it while I had an opportunity and see what I could get done. Stars More >

Pyxis Control Program

The AltAz Imaging Project…


There’s an abundance of excellent entry level visual scopes — superbly built, brilliant optics, dazzling computerized interfaces, GPS time/location services, and tomes of eager eyeballs to peer through them. Of course as you probably are aware, I’m speaking of none other than the Celestron CPC 1100. Of course, there are many others in this same category from other manufacturers, but this project aims to achieve one objective: Stellar long exposure imaging without breaking the altaz mount More >

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