Horsehead Nebula, IC 434 in Orion

Horsehead Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha


One of the challenges with new equipment (which I always seem to be getting more of) is learning how to use it well. I’m still working on getting my STL 11002 running smoothly. Sure, I tried a few of those real quick Ha shots and of course the Crab Nebula, but still these things take time. One of the things I hadn’t tried was running it on my Televue NP101is. Given the wonderful nebula this time of year, it seems like it might be a good idea to give it a try. The first few shots were dreary More >

Regular 2s Guiding

SBIG’s Adaptive Optics: The AO-L


I am one of the unfortunate blokes who jumped on the waiting list for the QSI 683WSG which was announced at NEAF back in April. And I waited. And I waited. And here, four months later, more than twice as long as the “6-8 weeks” I was originally told, I was fed up. So I started to look around to see what I could find when with perfect timing, SBIG announced their 90 day sale. So I splurged a bit with the purchase of an STL 11000, AO-L, MOAG, and Remote Guider Head. I’ve had some issues More >


AstroTech AT10RC and Celestron CGE Pro – First Light!


Three weeks ago I went ahead and ordered what I hope becomes my new base platform for deep sky imaging. But this is no toy: This is 300 lbs of serious equipment! A carbon fiber AT10RC, CGE Pro mount, and an Orion 80mm ED for guiding. There are a few different reasons for this overall selection of equipment and even though it’s done, documenting it seemed like a good idea. That way when we have clear skies again in a few months, I can remember what I was thinking!

UPS Drops Off The More >

Televue NP101is Focuser

Let’s Talk Televue


The first bit of snow this winter has arrived – mostly a dusting, but some of it is sticking on tree branches. Of course that’s also indicative of the number of clouds floating around, making astronomy mostly an internet experience. So I find myself prowling around through others’ pictures and equipment, one thing I’ve noticed lately is that Takahashi and TEC scopes seem to get a lot of glory. That’s fine; I’m sure they have great products. Yet, at the same time, it seems like Televue isn’t More >

Weather Station Parts

It’s Weather Time!


The weather is obviously a large component of observing and my wife decided to surprise me the other day with a special Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station (WMR200A). But this isn’t just some contraption to grab the local weather from some “professionally broadcast” place: This is to make your own weather measurements!

Weather Station Parts

My review of the WMR200A is as follows… tedious is the first word that comes to mind with setting this up. Having no formal education in the More >

Mirfak in NP101is Prime Focus and 1.5x Extender

Televue 1.5x Imaging Extender


New toys! Always fun! After the 2x Barlow, 4x Powermate Test, I thought I would branch out a little with the 1.5x extender (for NPis scopes only!!)

Mirfak in NP101is Prime Focus and 1.5x Extender

The first thing that I noticed was that this thing is huge. It is almost as long as my Stellarvue 10x60mm Finderscope and a healthy slug wider diameter. Indeed – this monster fits into my NP101is with no special adapters needed as it’s built on the NPis 2.4 inch diameter specification. Since I use More >



Well, considering there hasn’t been much good weather up in Washington, I took a drive. A long drive. 1200 miles, to be exact — down to the Los Angeles area. Of course, the objective wasn’t really to find clear skies, but rather taking some of the kids to Disneyland. But, the thought of “What should I bring with?” popped into my head.

I could have certainly stuffed the Televue NP101is into the car and the CGEM – with plenty of room to spare. Yet I prefer to image with the whole computer More >

Comparison of extenders

Televue NP101is Adapter Stack


As this scope is still somewhat new to me, I am still learning how to get all of the bits attached. My main imaging camera is Orion’s StarShoot Pro v2.0. The removable nosepiece gives a pretty simple t-thread mount and it’s pretty short, so generally I try to bring things to this camera without the nosepiece when possible.

Televue generously puts up a large collection of imaging adapters for the NP101is (and 127is) scopes at More >

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