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M82, The Cigar Galaxy

M82, M33 – AltAz Imaging at f/10!


The past few nights here in Woodinville have been really quite nice. And I’m not just saying that because our week of summer is going to end soon, but rather the air has been clean, calm, warm, and most important: dark. Very dark. Now, it’s really quite odd that some of the best times to do astronomy here you get the fewest number of hours to do it — it’s not “dark enough” until around 11pm, and there is an eerie brightness that begins to creep up to the east around 3.30am. But that’s still More >

Pyxis Control Program

The AltAz Imaging Project…


There’s an abundance of excellent entry level visual scopes — superbly built, brilliant optics, dazzling computerized interfaces, GPS time/location services, and tomes of eager eyeballs to peer through them. Of course as you probably are aware, I’m speaking of none other than the Celestron CPC 1100. Of course, there are many others in this same category from other manufacturers, but this project aims to achieve one objective: Stellar long exposure imaging without breaking the altaz mount More >

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