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The Crab Nebula, Messier 1

The Crab Nebula, Revisited


Several months back I picked up an interesting imaging package: The SBIG STL11002M, LRGBHa filters, the AO-L Adaptive Optics, MOAG and Remote Head. Aside from the learning curve for the new software control package (CCDSoft, which is awesomesauce), I had an issue which unfortunately required a repair. And, like any good Law of Murphy, receiving the working camera also means a prolonged spell of bad weather.

I ran a few star tests, played around with things and finally came around to settling More >


M33 is Back!


Well it’s been a pretty good August for imaging. While most of the world seems focused on M101 supernovae or Comet Garradd, I went after a slightly different target: M33. I’ve imaged M33 on several occasions with different equipment so I thought I would continue to add to the collection — it’s been almost a year since the last images were taken.

While M33 is very diffuse, it’s also very large. So large that to grab all of it’s spiral nuggets would require a low magnification or a giant More >

Messier 16, The Eagle Nebula

M16, The Eagle Nebula


The Eagle Nebula is wonderful emission nebula, with the apparent image of an ‘eagle’ soaring high in it. This same eagle is where the famous Hubble Pillars of Creation image is. Located in Serpens (7000 light years away), this is generally low on my northern sky, but I was able to pull off a series of 10x 10 min subs that seem to process fairly well.

Messier 16, The Eagle Nebula

Special kudos to Drew, who suggested imaging this object last night

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