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Messier 101, The Pinwheel Galaxy

Messier 101: Pretty Pinwheels


Messier 101, The Pinwheel Galaxy

Located nearly 25 million light years away, Messier 101 is favorite amateur imaging target. It’s big, bright, and beautiful! Most of today was spent fiddling around with trying to bring out the finer details on the fringes here – and learning more CS5 tricks – thanks Tony Hallas ) Be sure to click on the image for the full scale detail…

In May of last year, I imaged M101 through the four-inch Televue NP 101is with super shallow 60 second frames. Given the More >

NGC 4490, 4485, Cocoon Galaxy

NGC 4490 – The Cocoon Galaxy


NGC 4490 (and NGC 4485) make a highly distorted pair of galaxies. Located in Canes Ventacti, this pair of galaxies is similar to M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy in that is shows two interacting galaxies. However, unlike M51, these two galaxies have already crossed paths and may not come to meet again. In 2008, a supernova was observed in NGC 4490, the larger of the two. At magnitudes 9.8 and 12.5, respectively, these two galaxies are relatively bright amongst galaxies – but also have a very small More >

Mizar A and B, Alcor

CGE Pro Returned – AT10RCF Back in Service!


Back in November I picked up an AstroTech AT10RCF – and a hefty mount to hold it aloft, the Celestron CGE Pro. After a brief test and review, the mount promptly killed itself. Perhaps it was a combination of excessively low temperatures — in the teens — or perhaps it was an extension of the ‘new gear astronomy curse.’ Either way, I sent it back to Celestron for warranty repair work. Celestron was very friendly during this whole process, including several calls to update me on status. While More >

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