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Saturn, f/8 AT10RCF, StarShoot Pro v2!

Royal Wedding Rings… From Space!


With all of the recent excitement around the Royal Wedding for Catherine and William, it seems some far-out gifts are in order. Hundreds of years ago, the kings and queens of the land would provide funding for astronomers, hoping to have the name of the next exciting object named in their honor. Today of course, they mostly beg for funding, as recently seen with the SETI shutdown.

Back on April 23, the last clear sky day we had (though tonight is looking great!), I picked up a few additional More >


AstroTech AT10RC and Celestron CGE Pro – First Light!


Three weeks ago I went ahead and ordered what I hope becomes my new base platform for deep sky imaging. But this is no toy: This is 300 lbs of serious equipment! A carbon fiber AT10RC, CGE Pro mount, and an Orion 80mm ED for guiding. There are a few different reasons for this overall selection of equipment and even though it’s done, documenting it seemed like a good idea. That way when we have clear skies again in a few months, I can remember what I was thinking!

UPS Drops Off The More >

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