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Pluto, M24, M18

Fun With Pluto!


Washington is a gorgeous state. Lush mountains covered with trees that dance in the breeze, aquatic life filled rivers and lakes, and of course, the radiant geological wonders of St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. Clean air and tasty tap water don’t hurt either — but all these fabulous things come with one unfortunate consequence: clouds. Lots of them. So, while it is certainly fun to read about astronomy – or maybe watch a show, the other day I had another idea. I think of it as a “Where’s More >

M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy


I once spent hours with my 12″ Meade LX 200 trying to visually spot this galaxy. Located near the Big Dipper, I thought for sure I would be able to find it since all the pictures I had seen were always so big and detailed. Freezing cold, and still with no sightings, I packed up and came back inside pondering what I was doing wrong. Of course, what I did wrong was expect to find a big vibrant picture of “obviously there it is”. Visually this galaxy is extremely boring and looks like nothing More >

NGC4435, Markarian's Chain

Accidental Markarian’s Chain!


I’d spent some of the night looking around in Coma for various galaxies to image with wide fields and slowly drifted down into Virgo. Lo and behold, trying to hit up NGC 4435 landed me a nice bit of Markarian’s Chain! What a pleasant surprise…

Piece o' Markarian's Chain


Late night Andromeda


For the longest time I have always wondered why this is so difficult to image. After a few hours fiddling around with Maxim DL’s filters, I was finally able to get this image which at least is halfway decent.  Image from Televue NP101is on Celestron CGEM

Messier 31, M31, Andromeda Galaxy

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