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Messier 50, Comet 103p/Hartley 2

Messier 50… and 103P/Hartley 2 Surprises?


Messier 50 and Comet 103p/Hartley 2

By some stroke of luck, the past few days have been fairly decent – and with no moon, I’ve been doing lots of imaging. If you remember, back in the October / November time frame, I was able to get some pretty Comet 103p Hartley 2 images. Now, with it around magnitude 10, and quite a bit further away, the four inch NP101is isn’t producing quite as exciting images. However, with open cluster Messier 50 nearby, I thought it’d make for a nice shot. More >

Comet 103p/Hartley

Comet 103p/Hartley 2 – October 13 2010


Well, tonight seemed like it would be a good night although wow it’s getting cold out there fast. And lots of dew, too. My astrozap dew shield was pretty much dripping wet. Gross!

Tonight I decided to image with the CPC 1100, f/6.3 reducer — and to mix it up, I decided to 2×2 bin with the StarShoot Pro. Pulling in 60s unguided exposures yielded pretty nice subs (well, half of them passed my test). I also left the Skyglow filter on, although I don’t know that’s really useful for cometary More >

Comet 103P Hartley Locations for October

Comet 103P/Hartley 2 Revisited!


Comet 103P Hartley

This comet is much more fun than I had expected. October 5 and October 6 I was able to get some additional image time, in the Televue NP 101is. Unfortunately on both nights I was unable to get my autoguider to track the comet itself, so this first image is 14x 60 second exposures with the 1.5x Imaging Extender.

The second image I mixed it up a little bit: 16x 120 second exposures. The comet is beginning to show a tiny bit of a trail now. Interestingly this is less More >

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