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Venus Jupiter Conjunction

Jupiter and Venus Smile!


No, they are not UFO’s. No, they are not meteors, nor comets, and I’m pretty sure your horoscope isn’t going to spell doom because of those “bright things in the sky”. Even though we’re a few days early from the closest point, Jupiter and Venus continue to near their conjunction before they start to “appear moving further away”. And lucky me: between the snow flurries and otherwise crazy weather we’ve been having I was able to sneak in a picture through the trees on my Phone. A gentle More >

Wonderful sunset from 36k feet...

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon. Oh, and Mercury and Uranus can come too.


This is a month of exciting celestial body motion. Right now in the early evening, if you look to the west after dusk, you’ll see two bright star looking things. Those are Venus (the lower, brighter one) and Jupiter. If you’re lucky enough with a good view of the horizon, as the sun goes down, you’ll be able to spot Mercury in the mix. Uranus is close in apparent distance to Mercury, but it’s so low and still too bright to see unaided.

Fast forward another week – around the dreaded (think: More >

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