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Abell 2218 Gravitational Arc L comparison

Abell 2218 Reveals More Cosmic Secrets


Galaxy Clusters are some of the most enigmatic and beautiful phenomenon observable. They are also often home to another fascinating occurence known as gravitational lensing. One which I have imaged many times over is Abell 2218. Located in Draco (a great constellation for deep sky galaxy hunting), this cluster is well known for an image from hubble showing massive arcs of distorted galaxies. The light from these galaxies passes near the cluster and gravity bends and warps the light creating More >

NGC 3079 and Quasar QSO 0957+561

Going Deep… 7.8 Billion Years Deep!


Gravitational lensing occurs when light bends through space due to the gravity of another body. In the first verified case of gravitational lensing (nearly 30 years ago), a mega distant quasar is lensed by an entire galaxy sitting virtually “in line of site” with us. The light from this quasar is bent as it passes the galaxy and is split into two distinct, separate images. Known as the Double Quasar, or Twin Quasar, QSO 0957+561 is located in Ursa Major where it shines near magnitude 17 – More >

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