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M15 and Comet Garradd

M15 and Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)


One of the cool iphone apps I use for astronomy is Starmap Pro which includes a great “find comets” feature. Ironically, the brightest one coming up was also the very same one that was mentioned recently in Astronomy magazine as “passing near M15″ and was pretty bright – magnitude 8!

M15 and Comet Garradd

Processing comet images can be a challenge. In particular, comets move fast! Well, they move fast with respect to the background stars. This creates challenges for “stacking” images More >


A Tale of Three Globulars: Messier 2, Messier 13 and Messier 15


Back in early October, I spun around and picked out three of the most fantastic globulars: Messier 13, (“The Great Cluster in Hercules”), Messier 2, and Messier 15. All three of these look spectacular even with a big and bright moon out and they are all great both for visual viewing as well as imaging. And here I am now, with clouds in Woodinville — beside a big bright moon. And I’d be imaging comet 103p/Hartley 2 anyway, so what else to do!? Play with processing old data!

How to find More >

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