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Messier Object 13, The Great Cluster in Hercules

More Messier 13


After a very long bout of rain and clouds, we finally were blessed with a very nice night here in Woodinville. I started out going after several deep sky objects while the moon was below the horizon, but as it came up, I switched over to some brighter objects. An old favorite, M13 of course came to mind. I’ve imaged M13 many times over, but for whatever reason I never feel like they are come out as well as they ought to. Others imagers seem to find much more vibrant, colorful images — while More >


A Tale of Three Globulars: Messier 2, Messier 13 and Messier 15


Back in early October, I spun around and picked out three of the most fantastic globulars: Messier 13, (“The Great Cluster in Hercules”), Messier 2, and Messier 15. All three of these look spectacular even with a big and bright moon out and they are all great both for visual viewing as well as imaging. And here I am now, with clouds in Woodinville — beside a big bright moon. And I’d be imaging comet 103p/Hartley 2 anyway, so what else to do!? Play with processing old data!

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Messier 13 comparison

Working under difficult skies!


Last night was the first night where stars were generally visible here for the first time in a LONG time – since about May 13th… Ouch! Overall seeing conditions were generally poor, but I thought I’d go out and see what I could do. On top of the generally poor seeing conditions the sky offered atmospherically, a big, bright full disc moon complicated matters more. However, I thought I’d get out there and take advantage of it while I had an opportunity and see what I could get done. Stars More >

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