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Messier 31, The Andromeda Galaxy

An Hour of Andromeda


I don’t know why this Galaxy seems so difficult a target for me. When I first started to image it with my CPC 1100, I ended up with big piles of the core — since the apparent size is way larger than the field of view on the CPC. Once I realized just how large it was, I remember pulling it up in binoculars and thinking “Woah!”

Since then, I’ve tried imaging it on numerous occasions, but never seem to be able to get quite the excitement or brilliance that others seems to be able to pull from More >

M31, Andromeda Galaxy

M31, Andromeda in the Televue NP101is


M31, Andromeda Galaxy

So we were lucky and got a good stint of good weather last week and I hit up one of my favorite targets, Andromeda. The sheer size of this galaxy across the sky still amazes me. Nearly six times the size of the moon in apparently size (viewed from Earth) and 2,700,000 light years away, this is the most distant thing you can see with your naked eye. Sadly, it’s coming towards us and eventually will merge with the Milky Way.

This was about 20x 30s frames stacked. It More >


Late night Andromeda


For the longest time I have always wondered why this is so difficult to image. After a few hours fiddling around with Maxim DL’s filters, I was finally able to get this image which at least is halfway decent.  Image from Televue NP101is on Celestron CGEM

Messier 31, M31, Andromeda Galaxy

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