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Televue NP101is Focuser

Let’s Talk Televue


The first bit of snow this winter has arrived – mostly a dusting, but some of it is sticking on tree branches. Of course that’s also indicative of the number of clouds floating around, making astronomy mostly an internet experience. So I find myself prowling around through others’ pictures and equipment, one thing I’ve noticed lately is that Takahashi and TEC scopes seem to get a lot of glory. That’s fine; I’m sure they have great products. Yet, at the same time, it seems like Televue isn’t More >

Comparison of extenders

Televue NP101is Adapter Stack


As this scope is still somewhat new to me, I am still learning how to get all of the bits attached. My main imaging camera is Orion’s StarShoot Pro v2.0. The removable nosepiece gives a pretty simple t-thread mount and it’s pretty short, so generally I try to bring things to this camera without the nosepiece when possible.

Televue generously puts up a large collection of imaging adapters for the NP101is (and 127is) scopes at More >

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